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Dig Deep

Those that know me well, know that I never hesitate to recommend sites or products I enjoy – I love helping entrepreneurs and small creative businesses get more coverage, and I love helping friends find them as well.  Today is a new venture, for the first time I signed up to be an affiliate!  While this is an opportunity for my blogging to pay back some of my expenses from buying too many domains and e-courses, I want to promise you this.  I will never be an affiliate for a product that I wouldn’t recommend for free.  So all fears of selling out aside, let me tell you a little of this story.

At some point, I stumbled on this blog called The Organic Sister.  It may have been the hooping that made our paths cross, or it may have been my searching after my husband and I got a hankering to do what her family did.  Tara, with her husband and son, live and travel in an RV converted to waste veggie oil. (They just sold their old rig and now have a truck running on WVO and a fifth wheeler!)  I think it was the hooping actually that led me there first, and I subscribed to the blog once we started thinking about the RV.  Over the past year or so that I’ve read it, I’ve enjoyed our many common interests in travel, sustainable technologies, and more.

She started Sustainable Baby Steps and Organic Life Coaching, and she had a lovely email conversation with me about RVs on WVO.   I’ve enjoyed getting to know her a bit better, and when she did a pre-launch of her latest efforts, I jumped right on board.

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I read the first two chapters and skimmed the rest, but I can’t wait to really dig deep into this project.  That was enough intro for me to sign up for the affiliate program.  I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but Tara’s approach and style are the perfect fit for me.  Her methods are clearer steps to those I started learning to do on my own (or, as influenced by the many sources in my life) – recognizing and identifying my emotions, and gently taking the time to figure out the sources for those emotions.  She goes further than I ever did on my own, and her workbook exercises really help you to, well, dig deep into understanding ourselves and growing in a positive way.

She’ll walk you through the ways to change your mindset about a situation, and therefore the whole situation, without any of the new-age “The Secret” hype – she’ll have you getting your hands dirty digging in your cobwebbed corners.  But she leads you there gently, with guidance and support, because she’s been there herself.  This workbook, taken seriously, could easily be worth more than a year in therapy!  She can’t fix all your problems (newsflash – no ebook or ecourse can! :P) but she is giving you all the tools and support for you to do so.

If you are struggling with any kind of blocks or unhappiness in your life, and know that if you could change your outlook you’d be able to overcome it… If you are willing to go all “Mythbusters” on yourself, doing experiments to determine which of your habits/expectations are plausible (reasonable) and which are busted (unreasonable and unhelpful, based on past experiences and not truth)…  If you can’t afford therapy, and want to take your soul/spirit on a coffee date, hold its hand, ask how it feels and what you can do to make it happier…  If you want to dig deep, Tara is the perfect person to guide you on this journey.

I’ll be working through it myself, so I invite you to dig deep along with me.  Feel free to connect with me by leaving a comment or contacting me off blog if you wish to talk more about it!

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